Failure Annotations - Electronic Pedal

For the electronic pedal, it is considered that its two outputs can be value and omission deviated.

 - Omission of the electronic pedal's outputs can be originated by the omission of the mechanical pedal's output or by internal components failure detection (expected fail-silent behavior – see here).

- Internal failures are admitted as a causes of wrong value outputs in spite of the expected fail-silent behavior of this unit. This is because at the considered design stage, details about the electronic pedal internal components are unknown. The same type of output deviation can be triggered by a mechanical pedal deviated output.

Independent internal failures were considered as causes of the deviations of each output of the electronic pedal because the adoption of a redundant structure was expected for this subsystem (see here).

The table below illustrates the fault annotations for the electronic pedal unit.

Table 2 - Failure Annotations - Electronic Pedal
 Output Deviation  Causes
Omission-Out1 OmissionFailure1 OR Omission-In1
Omission-Out2 OmissionFailure2 OR Omission-In1
Value-Out1 ValueFailure1 OR Value-In1
Value-Out2 ValueFailure2 OR Value-In1